About us

Brewing with fresh coffee improves your coffee tasting experience. Our mission is to deliver you the coffee that suits your daily coffee needs. Our freshly roasted coffee will allow you to provide your guests with the hospitality they deserve.

Are you wondering what Xenial means? We were too. 

Xenial means constituting hospitality or relations between host and guest. Coffee has been enjoyed by billions of people around the world for many centuries. It is not just a drink, it is a way to bring people together.

Why Puzzles?

When we started this company, we wanted an idea that will bring people together. Our mission is to provide a service and a product that will make gatherings more fun. We want people to feel no urge to look at their phones when they are spending time with friends and family. There is no better way to get people working together and having fun than to brew some coffee and solve a jigsaw puzzle.

Join us on our mission.

Make your next gathering an exciting and memorable one!

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